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Want to learn what a consent management system is and its benefits? Looking to implement a consent management system into your Web 3.0 app? Get answers to your questions in our latest whitepaper.

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Whether you are creating a privacy centric app or solving a business problem related to data ownership, you can get a head-start using our APIs and SDK. Get invited to our events, ask your queries, and keep learning here.

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Developer Console

Affinidi’s APIs and SDKs provide the building blocks for decentralized identity creation, verifiable credential issuance, and verification.

Coming soon!

Selective Disclosure

Our stack supports selective disclosure using BBS+ signatures to give your users the option to share just what they want.

Schema Manager

The Schema Manager is a tool to manage, create, clone, update, and reuse credential types and existing schemas.

Rules Engine

Our rules engine enables you to create business decision models and execute them in your runtime production environment.

Consent Management

This is our comprehensive feature that collects consent from your customer in the form of a VC and stores it in your cloud wallet.


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