Can verifiable Credentials Protect Your Driver's License?

Losing your driver's license can be a nightmare! What happens when someone steals it? A VC-based driver's license may be the answer.
Nov 15, 2021

A driver’s license may seem like a simple card that you carry around with you every day, but it can have serious consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.

Well, let’s imagine for a moment that your wallet containing a few credit cards, your driver’s license, and some cash, is stolen. You would immediately call the credit card companies and let them know about the theft. But what about the driver’s license?

It can be a time-consuming process to report the theft by which time the thief would have impersonated you with your Personally Identifiable Information!

What’s a better way to avoid this situation?

Go for self-sovereign identities (SSI) and verifiable credentials because they are private, immutable, secure, and available only in your digital wallet, so you can access it at any time and share it with anyone without ever worrying about losing it.

Driver’s License and SSI

Let’s take a peek into how you can apply, share, and safeguard your driver’s license through SSI.

In this example, let’s assume that the applicant wants to use the driver’s license to rent a car from a car rental company.

There are three parties involved, and they are:

  • Issuer — A startup company that issues standard and interoperable driver license Verifiable Credential (VC) after validating the government-issued driver’s license
  • Holder — An individual applying for the interoperable driver license VC
  • Verifier — The car rental company

Here’s the step-by-step process.

  1. The holder goes to the issuer’s portal to submit the details to get the verifiable credential for the driver’s license. He/she fills up the form and submits it.
  2. The issuer checks the application and issues the verifiable credential to the holder.
  3. The issuer sends the verifiable credential in the form of a QR code, by mail, to the holder.
  4. The holder gets the QR code, scans it using the Wallet application, and saves it to his/her wallet.
  5. The holder goes to the verifier’s website or office and scans the QR code.
  6. The holder checks the Credential Share Request and approves it to share his/her Verifiable Presentation to the verifier, and waits for the confirmation.
  7. The verifier logs into the admin account, checks the list of applications, and verifies the credentials. On confirmation, the verifier rents a car to the holder.

As you can see, the biggest advantage of such an SSI-based driver’s license is that there’s absolutely no possibility of loss. Furthermore, there is no question of your PII on the license to fall into the wrong hands because the holder has complete control over how it is used and with whom it is shared. So, no more worries about losing your driver’s license and facing its repercussions.

At the same time, it’s simple to implement, foolproof, and saves time and effort for everyone.

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