On-Demand Employment Endorsements — A Use Case for Verifiable Credentials

Want to know how verifiable credentials can help yo generate employment? Read on...
Nov 15, 2021

For most of us, our first job is always special as it gives us a glimpse of how the next few decades could be. But tracking the responsibilities and roles in your first and subsequent jobs are not easy and more importantly, getting someone to verify them can be a challenge, especially if you’ve worked in an industry with high attrition rates. Platforms like LinkedIn may state your past background with some degree of social vetting but are certainly not fool-proof!

Fast forward a few years, and you may end up in a situation where the proof of experience from your first job is needed! Verifiable credentials can be your savior here.

To get an idea of what these are, feel free to read this 101 post on VCs.

How Can Verifiable Credentials Get an Employment Endorsement?

Let’s say, John has applied for a Post-grad program in digital marketing at the ABC university, but it requires work experience in a related field. John had been a salesman ten years ago and wanted to share this experience with University ABC in the form of a verifiable credential without the need for any additional verification.

So, how can he do that?

As with any VC, there are three parties involved here too.

  • Issuer — Employers, job search sites, payroll providers, and startups like GoodWorker that empower seasonal workers and employers, one verified credential at a time. It matches employers with a large network of trustworthy and verified profiles of skilled workers, at a fraction of the cost, and allows workers to take control of their job search, with direct access to trustworthy employers.
  • Holder — John
  • Verifier — University ABC

As a first step, John logs into the issuer’s portal, and submits his personal details like his name and the month and year of employment. After verifying John’s credentials, the issuer looks through his work records, and sends a verifiable credential in the form of a QR code detailing John’s period of employment and his role as a salesman. In turn, John scans this QR code and stores these details in his digital wallet.

Next, he creates a verifiable presentation with the information that University ABC wants, and shares it with them.

Here is a sample VC that checks the past employment of John as a salesman.

{ "@type":[ "Person", "PersonE", "EmploymentPerson" ], "givenName":"John", "familyName":"Jones", "birthDate":"1984–06–01", "gender":"male", "telephone":"", "@type":[ "Salary" ], "gross":{ "@type":"MonetaryAmount", "value":10000, "currency":"INR" }, "net":{ "@type":"MonetaryAmount", "value":8000, "currency":"INR" }, "frequency":"Monthly" }, "startDate":"2018–06–01T00:00:00.000Z", "endDate":"2018–12–01T00:00:00.000Z", "roleName":"Sales Rep", "reference":{ "@type":"ContactPoint", "telephone":"380504112171", "name":"Oleksandr Kravets", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "uploadDate":"…", "url":"", // OR base64 encoded image } }, "skills":[ "Selling software", "Engaging customers" ], "employmentTerms":{

}, "worksFor":{ "@type":[ "Organization", "OrganizationE" ], "name":"SRW Tools", "location":"3, WICEL., MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400093, India", "industry":"Software tool maker", "department":{

} } } }

Finally, the university examines John’s verifiable presentation and learns about his experience as a salesman. This makes him eligible for the post-grad program and coupled with his admission test results, he gets the admit he’d always wanted!

Sounds simple, right?

The obvious advantage of VCs is that they are readily available and accessible. Imagine if you have to go to your first company and search through the physical records in a dusty storage room (No, we aren’t talking about Flintstones here!!).

Since these VCs are immutable and tamper-proof, the verifier could access authentic information that helped its decision-making process. In all, a win-win situation for everyone!

Overall, VCs are a huge leap forward in the world of ever-changing technology as it is a hassle-free way of sharing personal information securely and quickly with explicit consent of the owner of that information.

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