Affinidi PoCathon 2021 — Announcing the Winners

The six-week-long PoCathon conducted by Affinidi from 26th March to 10th May 2021, saw 471 participants. And the winners are...
Nov 15, 2021

The six-week-long PoCathon conducted by Affinidi from 26th March to 10th May 2021, saw 471 participants. Overall, we had 39 submissions from different teams and 25 project presentations in which participants used Affinidi’s verifiable credentials API and SDK stack to create some mind-boggling projects that have the potential to solve many real-world problems we face today.

It’s now time to announce the winners.

Let’s start with Healthcare

The first prize in this category goes to the project called AED Access, created by Dave McKay, to allow qualified personnel to access the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices. He wins USD 2,000 worth ETH.

The second prize goes to YouNo, represented by Alan Wang. His project uses VCs to give people who work in the sex industry strong and respected protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmittable diseases. He wins USD 1,000 worth ETH.


Moving on to Fintech,

The first prize is bagged by Daver Proxy, an SSI-based prototype to simulate a corporate proxy creation. This proxy can be used to designate a person who is authorized to act on behalf of the company. The members of this team are Alex Varabei, Arthur Pinchuk, Александр Годун, Jus1x, Constanine Agapotov, Andrey Kozlovskiy, and Eugene Bogatyrev. The team wins USD 2,000 worth ETH.

The second prize goes to RippleFund created by Callista and Carey. This project used Affinidi’s API to make crowdfunding accessible to and trusted by the public, to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Callista and Carey win USD 1,000 worth ETH.


In the open category,

The first prize winner is the project called TransportHub represented by Priyanka Pol, Nita Hinge, Madhusudan J, Tanvi Lokhande, and Mandar Tawde who came together to revolutionize the future of trucking and logistics with verifiable credentials. The team wins USD 2,500 worth ETH.

The second prize goes to The Hospitality Manager, a way to protect travelers’ privacy and help them travel light when visiting hotels for vacation or business. This project was created by Arnav Ladkat and Aamir Miyajiwala and they win USD 1,500 worth ETH.

The third prize in this category is bagged by David Bensadon who used VCs to enable migrant domestic workers to build up their CV, so they can have a thriving career, better salaries, and quick access to third-party services. He wins USD 1,000 worth ETH.

Besides, we also have some special prizes. The winner of the Best Social Impact category is YouNo for empowering sex workers and this project wins USD 1,000 worth ETH.


The prize for the Best Technical Implementation of Affinidi’s APIs goes to Daver Proxy and the prize is worth USD 1,000 (in ETH).

Affinidi had partnered with Huawei Cloud and the project that best utilized the features of the Huawei cloud platform is the Patient Health Data Distributed Interface (PHDDI). Created by Kent Lau, this project used Verifiable Credentials to record the provision of goods and services by healthcare professionals to an insured patient. This project has won USD 2,000 worth ETH.

A big thanks to all the participants for their submissions as each and everyone enriched the world of self-sovereign identity with their time and effort.

The other impressive projects that made an indelible mark in this PoCathon (in no particular order) are:

  • Pharma’s League by Carey Lai
  • Apply Remotely for Decentralized Clinical Trials by Leon Mak
  • CREDucate by Saundarya Kumar and Pratik Savla
  • RxChain by Olusegun Usman Quadri
  • Helping Hand — SME by Hemanth Ankerla and Manoj Kumar
  • Global Identifier for Traveller by Richard Xiang Qian Ong
  • VaccinationVC by Zong Yu Lee
  • Immigrant Verifier by Nestor Campos
  • Employment certificates by Rohit Patil
  • The power of VCs in a pandemic-stricken world by Hao Ze Chok
  • DefenShe — Women’s Emergency Alert System by Venkat Ragavan, Yogeeshwar S, Vishwath Kumar B S, and Tarun A H
  • KYC data as Verifiable Credentials by Ian Lim
  • Banker’s Guarantee by Kishan Reddy
  • Health Wallet by Shraddha Kandpal
  • Easy Loans by Ramya Parthiban
  • Vote from Home — Your Democratic right Modernized by Notagodzilla
    • AfinFi by Sagar Jethi and ocean pro

Finally, our heartfelt thanks to our judges — Kaliya Young, Rebecca Xing, Pradyumna Agrawal, Todd Gehrke, Kishore Bhatia, Glenn Gore, Sang Shin, and Kamal Laungani.

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