Announcing the Affinidi Prize Winners of Hack the Mountain 2.0

The winning teams of Hack the Mountain 2.0- Affinidi Prize are JCoders and Team Straw hat coders. What did they build with Affinidi’s stack? Read on.
Nov 15, 2021

We had earlier announced Affinidi’s partnership with Sudan’s Tech to encourage some of the best minds to create Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) applications using Affinidi’s API and SDKs.

Now, it’s time to announce the winners of the Affinidi Prize.

The winning teams are JCoders and Team Straw hat coders. Congratulations to both teams. They will be receiving 10,000 INR worth ETH.

Here’s a brief description of the winning projects.

Decent Docs

Decent-Docs, created by Shubham Patel, Siddharth Shukla, and Mehul Vagela, is a handy solution for securing and authorizing documents. The aim of this project is to eliminate the need for carrying physical documents, and the possibility of theft and loss associated with it.

Built mainly for students and working professionals, this project allows students to store their important documents like marksheets, certificates, experience letters, and more, in a digital identity wallet, so it can be presented to the concerned people when needed. These documents are digitally signed by the issuing authority and can be verified cryptographically for authenticity.


The JCoders team of Sumeet Naik, Nishikanta Ray, Sunil Kumar Panda, and Ayush Mohanty came up with this ambitious idea of using verifiable credentials to control the black market of medicines.

This team built a portal where people could verify the authenticity of a drug, thereby eliminating the black market where unauthorized or expired drugs are sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Congratulations to the winners.

At Affinidi, we are always happy to encourage more people to build real-world applications using our tech stack. We have designed our tech stack to be simple and “ready to be developed”, as is evident from this hackathon, where teams could develop SSI applications within just 36 hours.

If you’d like to build similar applications or integrate in your existing applications, reach out to us on Discord, and we will be happy to support you in every way possible.

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