Affinidi Partners with AID:Tech — Exploring New Horizons in Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

Affinidi has partnered with AID:Tech, a digital ID and Blockchain company, on multiple initiatives including the creation of VCs.
Nov 15, 2021

Innovation and partnerships are the key drivers of technology as companies look to leverage each other’s capabilities to develop unique solutions that will address many of the existing social, technological, and security challenges.

Keeping in tune with this thought, Affinidi has partnered with AID:Tech, a digital ID and Blockchain technology company, on multiple initiatives including the creation of verifiable credentials-based applications.

AID:Tech is a startup that has been working in the Identity space since 2016 and specializes in building the infrastructure for the creation and management of decentralized digital IDs.

One of AID:tech’s key projects was to enable the creation of a verifiable credential-based digital identity for under-served women in Africa to empower them to tap into insurance and other benefits. This product was built using Affinidi’s APIs, thereby kickstarting the relationship between both companies.

The relationship continues to grow, as Affinidi and AID:Tech are now collaborating on a new initiative to build infrastructure to power a verifiable credential-based digital wallet with multiple services geared for women in Southeast Asia to help them access government programs, banking, insurance, etc. Here too, Affinidi’s APIs will be combined with AID:Tech’s expertise and experience to develop a product that can make life easier for millions of women in this part of the world.

The leadership of both companies will continue to leverage verifiable credentials in solving everyday problems, with a focus on making VCs interoperable across multiple Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) platforms.

Along with the technical collaboration, Affinidi is also working with AID:Tech to create a robust SSI ecosystem. To this end, Affinidi led a $3.5 million Series A funding for AID:Tech that will go towards scaling the existing team and expanding its presence in Southeast Asia.

In all, exciting things are happening in the Self-Sovereign Identity space as a whole, and Affinidi is right in the driver’s seat.

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