Affinidi Sponsors the Resonate Hackathon Conducted by Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors SRM

Affinidi is sponsoring the Resonate hackathon at SRM University Chennai and offering attractive prizes to teams that build VC-based apps.
Nov 15, 2021

Do flying cars, Martian holidays, and a secure online world appeal to you?

At Affinidi, nothing excites us more than a peek into the future, and more importantly, concrete steps that can get us there. In particular, we are passionate about addressing everyday security and privacy problems using verifiable credentials and we constantly strive to promote the principles of Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) to empower every entity to be in control of his or her data, and determine how and where it must be shared.

Keeping in tune with this objective, we partner with student organizations and developer communities to educate and encourage them to create applications that would widen the SSI ecosystem.

As a part of our initiatives, we have been creating and sharing relevant content, hosting webinars, and sponsoring hackathons, including the upcoming Resonate hackathon by the students of SRM University in Chennai, India.

What do we Offer for Resonate Participants?

We are thrilled to sponsor the Resonate hackathon and here’s what we offer for the participants.

  • The top 3 projects built on the Affinidi tech stack will be awarded a cash prize worth 10,000 INR in ETH
  • All the submitted projects will be featured on our blog post and social media handles.
  • Winner Verifiable Credential will be awarded to all the members of the winning teams.
  • All other submissions have the opportunity to apply for internships, sign up for the Ambassador program, and earn a Submission Verifiable Credential.
  • Mentorship support for teams that would like to take the idea further.

Judging Criteria

We will judge every submission on the below aspects.

  • Your submission should be a Proof of Concept (PoC) application demonstrating a Verifiable Credential based use case that uses Affinidi’s APIs and SDK.
  • Should cover the issuance and verification of the VC
  • A working demo that includes the above point


Here are some resources that can get you started.

  • Blog:
  • VC Schema Generator:
  • Repositories — Starter template repos of the driving license use case.
  • How to Build a Verifiable Credential based Application in One Evening:

For further questions, reach out to us on Discord and we will get back to you at the earliest. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Good luck to all the participants. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and partnering with you on this SSI journey.

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