An Overview of Affinidi’s Terms of Use for Developers

Wondering what are the terms and conditions for using Affinidi’s APIs and SDKs to build verifiable credentials-based applications? Read on
Nov 15, 2021

Affinidi has been working with developers and partners to build an ecosystem for the issuance, storage, and sharing of Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

This article provides an overview of our Terms of Use for any developer who wants to use our APIs and SDKs.

Affinidi Developer Services

Affinidi’s Developer Services include,

  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), used for building applications that permit the issuance, verification, storage, retrieval, sharing, and deletion of VCs.
  • ‍Software Development Kits (SDKs) that provide a common logic for account registration and management, VC issuance and verification, and more.
  • Verifiable Credential Management Developer Services (VCM Developer Services) that include a cloud wallet for your end-users to store the keys to their VCs safely; and the encrypted data vault, which is a storage solution for your end-users VCs.

Terms of Use

When you use our above services, you would have agreed to our Terms of Use. Also, these terms will apply to any new Developer Services that we may offer in the future.


Please note that some of our developer services are offered under an open-source license, and this license will prevail in case of conflicts with our Terms.


Similarly, some Developer Services may be built on software developed or provided by third parties and not by us. These “Third-Party Materials” that we may provide through the Developer Services are subject to the third party license, and this will prevail for the Third-Party Material in case of conflicts with our Terms.

Permitted Purposes

You can use Affinidi’s Developer Services to design and develop applications that allow for the issuance, verification, transmission, sharing, and storage of VCs, provided they conform to our terms and conditions.


Specifically, you cannot use our Developer Services for unlawful, fraudulent, deceptive, or unethical practices, such as:

  • Applications that go against prevailing laws.
  • Infringement of any intellectual property rights
  • Interference with the Developer Services or Third Party Materials
  • Directly or indirectly being responsible for transmitting any malicious code or viruses.
  • Applications that reverse engineer the source code or structure of the Developer Services or any component thereof

You are solely responsible for:

  1. Any resources you create or display in your application through the use of our Developer Services and for the consequences resulting from it; and
  2. Your breach of the Terms, any applicable third-party license, or any applicable laws, and the consequences of the same.

Affinidi bears no responsibility whatsoever to you or any third party for the loss that may accrue due to your usage of our Developer Services. ‍

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We may request specific information from you at any time to ensure compliance with our terms and conditions. A failure on your part to provide us with these details gives us the right to deny or restrict access.

Also, we provide the Developer Services from Singapore, and our servers are located in Singapore. You agree that any data you provide to us may be collected, processed, stored, and transferred to us, in Singapore, in compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

We will collect your data gathered during the registration process to provide relevant Developer Services and will not disclose your personal data to third parties without your explicit consent. We may also collect relevant metadata to improve our offerings.

End-users Data

End-users data means any information that can help identify your end-user directly or indirectly.

When you require us to collect, process, or when you disclose to us end-users’ personal information, you agree that,

  • We are your data processor, as defined by GDPR and data intermediary as defined by the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012.
  • You will comply with the prevailing laws and regulations related to data protection and privacy.
  • You have taken the required consent from end-users to collect, store, and process their data.
  • You will display privacy notices on your application and send the required privacy policies to end-users when needed.
  • You will take all necessary precautions to prevent any unauthorized access to the information of your end-users.

Confidential Information

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Developer Credentials (such as usernames, passwords, and keys) and for all applications developed using the same.

Also, you are required to keep confidential all information provided by us or on our behalf, and you cannot disclose it to a third party without our prior consent.

Support and Brand Features

Affinidi does not guarantee support relating to the use of the Developer Services. However, you may contact us via our Discord Community Platform if you have any queries.

You agree not to remove, obscure, or alter any proprietary rights notices (including copyright and trademark notices) that may be affixed to or contained within the Developer Services.

Also, you abide to give the necessary attribution to Affinidi for using any of its proprietary content, image, logos, or any other distinctive brand features.

Termination of Use

Our Terms of Use apply until you are terminated by Affinidi or you stop using our Developer Services

Note that Affinidi may, at any time and for any reason, terminate the Terms with you or discontinue the Developer Services or any portion or feature without liability or obligation to you.

On termination, you are required to immediately stop using our Developer Services and delete all the confidential information provided to you by Affinidi or someone on its behalf.

##Indemnity You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Affinidi, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and its directors, officers, employees, and users, against all liabilities, damages, losses, costs, fees (including legal fees), and expenses relating to any allegation or third-party legal proceeding that arises from your use of the Developer Services.


The information materials contained in this article is for general information and educational purposes only. It does not and is not intended to replace or modify Affinidi’s Terms of Use.

For full information on Affinidi’s Terms of Use, visit this page.

If you have any further questions on using these APIs, reach out to us on Discord.

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