Affinidi’s Presence at IIW

At the 32nd edition ofIIW, we showcased our unique schema manager product and participated in discussions on self-sovereign identity.
Nov 15, 2021

The Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) is a biannual gathering of identity enthusiasts where ideas and problems related to Internet identity are exchanged and discussed.

The 32nd edition of IIW took place from October 12th -14th 2021, and it was a mix of online and offline audiences. Affinidi had a presence at IIW as it was a unique opportunity to showcase Affinidi’s work in the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) space and to understand the latest trends in this sphere.

Here are some things we did at IIW.

Demo of Schema Manager

Affinidi has built a Schema Manager to manage, create, clone, update, and reuse verifiable credential types and existing schemas, and this was showcased at IIW.

This tool is sure to come in handy for developers, product managers, and engineers who are looking to build an SSI application and face the problem of ensuring trust between actors (mainly, Issuers and Verifiers).

Essentially, the Schema Manager allows you to create any custom VC to meet the needs of a given situation or application. You also get to choose the attributes for each VC, and once you’re done, the tool generates a JSON schema that you can include as part of your code.

The schema you create can be public or private, depending on your preference. Also, you have the choice to publish it as a searchable schema so others can reuse them.

You can try our Schema Manager here.

Group Discussion: What does NOT get adoption for SSI? AKA Failures in SSI

Kamal Laungani, the Global Developer Ecosystem (GDE)Manager at Affinidi, was the convenor of a group discussion on the failures of SSI and the reasons for its non-adoption

This group of eminent participants talked about how hard it is to adopt SSI and the reasons for the same were deliberated.

Some of the barriers discussed were:

Onboarding for humans

There is a lack of understanding on why privacy is important and what can be done to preserve one’s privacy.

Also, there is not a whole lot of simple content that explains what Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is and how it can be a potential game-changer for the security and privacy of online identities.

Onboarding for IT and DevOps and IAM

There is a gap between community knowledge and information available for IT, DevOps, and IAM professionals. Further, the lack of a well-defined ecosystem and a limited or no incentives model is making adoption more difficult.

Short term barriers vs clarity of immediate benefits

Since SSI is an emerging field, there are many short-term barriers such as developmental cost, a well-developed and easy-to-understand tech stack, and web 3.0 skill sets. Also, there is little clarity on the immediate benefits because the ecosystem is not in place and there seems to be a lot of uncertainties around government legislation.

Legacy integration

The big jump from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 raises questions on integration with existing systems and apprehensions about building a complete infrastructure from scratch.

Who goes first?

Right now, this is a classic chicken and egg problem. Companies have few incentives to build applications and are waiting for greater adoption. In turn, users are apprehensive as well because there aren’t enough applications in this space.

So, this question of who goes first is impeding the growth of SSI greatly.

High Project Costs

The overall uncertainty coupled with high developmental costs are a barrier for SSI adoptions because the project costs/risks are high, so wrangling internal buy-in is not easy.

All these reasons were believed to contribute to the low rate of SSI adoption, and this has led every attendee to ponder over what can be done to address these concerns.

Based on these discussions, we, at Affinidi, have also started pondering over questions on the high costs, how to make it easy for people to know the importance of preserving their privacy through SSI, and what we can do as an organization to drive its adoption.

Attending Other Programs

Besides the Schema Manager demo and the group discussion, we attended many discussions, workshops, demos, and events, all of which have greatly enriched our knowledge and understanding. We hope to convert these insights into actionable items shortly, so make sure you stay abreast of all that’s happening at Affinidi by being a part of our mailing list and following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you have any specific questions or feedback, reach out to us on Discord.

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