Unlocking Safe Travels Beyond COVID with Digital Credentials

Join us on Nov 25th as we explore the endless possibilities of using digital credentials for safe travels in a post pandemic world.
Nov 15, 2021

Travel and tourism was one of the worst affected industries due to the COVID pandemic.

According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, international travel fell by 72% in January-October 2020 when compared to the previous year, resulting in a loss of about USD 935 billion.

In 2021, things began to look up for this industry as it saw a reasonable recovery, thanks in part to the widespread availability of vaccinations. Another important aspect that bolstered the travel industry is the adoption of digital vaccination certificates and travel passes that boosted the confidence of people to travel again.

At a time when airline companies and airport authorities were scrambling to check the vaccination status of their passengers, these digital credentials streamlined the verification process and created a safe travel experience for everyone involved.

The European Union digital COVID certificate and Affinidi’s safe travel passes played a big role in different geographies to get people to travel again.

Affinidi’s Safe Travel

Affinidi’s Safe travel, in particular, made a big difference in boosting travel in Southeast and Central Asia by providing end-to-end validated digital health credential solutions based on self-sovereign identity.

Essentially, any traveler who tested negative in the RT-PCR test was given a vaccination credential mentioning the same, and this could be shared securely with the airline, airport authorities, or any other verifier as needed. This interoperable solution used QR codes for easy verification and followed the principles of self-sovereign identity such as security, selective disclosure, and more.

This created a sense of trust for the verifying entities because these verifiable credentials are tamper-proof and machine-verifiable, and hence required no physical contact. As for passengers, it was a safe and secure way to share their vaccination status without revealing additional personal information.

In all, it worked well for every stakeholder in the travel industry.

While this has been helpful to create a sense of confidence during the pandemic, what happens in a post-pandemic world? How can digital credentials continue to enhance the travel experience? More importantly, are there more ways to generate revenue from these credentials?

To explore these answers and to discuss new revenue streams within the travel industry using digital credentials, join us for Affinidi’s webinar on November 25th at 4 pm SGT.

Toby Berger, the Director of Travel Affinidi, and Shankar Pillai, the Director of Engineering. Health/Travel, Affinidi will be talking about the impact of digital credentials in 2022 and beyond.

What to Expect from the Webinar?

In this webinar, Toby will be talking about the main adopters (issuers, holders, and verifiers) of the COVID verification solutions and relevant use-cases. He will be giving you pointers on the aspects you should consider while selecting a verification solution and the likely challenges you will face while implementing them.

Toby’s insights will be followed by a use-case presentation by Shankar where he will use Affinidi Travel as an example to demonstrate how VCs can help enable safe travel. He will also describe its architecture, so you can visualize its integration with your idea.

Finally, Kamal Laungani, the Global Developer Ecosystem Manager, will describe the APIs and SDKs that can help you build an VC-based app.

These interesting sessions will be followed by Q and A on our Discord.

Sounds interesting, right?

Register here for the webinar, and together, let’s see how we can leverage the power of digital credentials to boost the travel industry and gain economic benefits from them.

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