Webinar Recap: How digital credentials can help unlock safe travels beyond COVID?

Here’s the recap of Affinidi GDE’s interesting webinar on how digital credentials can unlock safe travels beyond COVID.
Nov 15, 2021

Click here to watch the recording of this webinar.

On November 25th, 2021 Affinidi’s Global Developer Ecosystem (GDE) hosted its second webinar titled “How digital credentials can help unlock safe travels beyond COVID?”

This one-hour session had Toby Berger, the Director of Travel Affinidi and Shankar Pillai, the Director of Engineering, Health/Travel Affinidi as speakers.

The host for this event was Kamal Laungani, the Global Developer Ecosystem Manager. He introduced the guests and talked briefly about the concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), and the role of Affinidi in this space.

COVID Verification Solutions by Toby Berger

Toby Berger started by reminding us of the COVID pandemic in the early 2020s and how it impacted people and disrupted industries and businesses. He opined that this also pushed businesses to explore new horizons, especially those involved in the travel industry, as the complexity of operations increased with quarantines and vaccinations.

He explained that this situation also brought up the need for a verification solution that enabled verifiers like government and airport authorities to safely and securely check the vaccination status of travelers, so steps can be taken accordingly to prevent the spread of COVID.

After detailed discussions with governments and other stakeholder, Affinidi Travel identified a bunch of common considerations that included:

  • Interoperability across global standards and formats.
  • A competitive and unified pricing
  • Ease of integration with existing solutions
  • A flexible rules engine that supports global safe travel regulations
  • A simple and intuitive UI
  • An underlying trust network that connects to a global support group of industry peers.

Based on these inputs, the CommonCheck solution was built, and it offered the following benefits for users.


With these thoughts on how Affinidi’s verifiable solution is shaping the travel industry, Toby ended his session.

Affinidi Travel Demo — Shankar Pillai

Shankar started his interesting session by explaining the in-depth architecture of the system to give the audience an idea of how the common considerations mentioned by Toby earlier were integrated into the system to give all users the benefits of a verification solution.

Here’s a look at the architecture.


This explanation was followed by a demo of the live system.

The CommonCheck application of the Affinidi Travel Ecosystem comes with a simple UI that takes information from users and creates a VC that can be shared with anyone as a QR code. This VC is trusted as it is issued by a company that is authorized to test for COVID and also, it is tamper-proof, so the results can’t be changed by the holder.

Shankar showcased the simplicity and ingenuity of the application and ended his session by saying that this product can be used as an API as well.

Walkthrough of the Affinidi Tech Stack — Kamal Laungani

The last part of the webinar was handled by Kamal where he walked the attendees through the Affinidi tech stack and how it can be leveraged to build VC-based applications. He also did a demo of Affinidi’s Schema Manager and how it can be integrated with any application.

He even showed the audience how to issue a VC for attending the webinar!

Q&A Session

The webinar ended with a Q&A session that saw some interesting questions from the participants.

Some of the questions that were asked were,

  • Does Affinidi support the Good Health Pass Collaborative standard?
  • How are you managing integration with Gvt systems for verification / entry / exit
  • Recently tried issuing a VC via YourEdge app. Aside from Email Addresses, are there any other means to write and deliver a VC to someone without knowing their email address?
  • Is Affinidi launching any token?
  • How can we invest in affinidi?

Toby, Shankar, and Kamal came together to answer these questions.

Overall, it was an insightful session that showed a practical implementation of verifiable credentials. We are confident that this webinar will enthuse more developers and businesses to integrate a verifiable solution into their operations.

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